Poly vinyl chloride in Eindhoven

What to expect when you visit the showroom of Frie-Style PVC Vloeren? Poly vinyl chloride (PVC) is used for several flooring products. It’s very popular among households because it looks elegant and inexpensive in comparison with solid wooden flooring. Are you thinking about having a PVC floor for your home as well? Then it’s a good idea to visit Frie-Style PVC Vloeren. This company is based in Eindhoven and focuses on the selling of PVC floors. What can you expect when you visit their showroom?

A complete floor package

Frie-Style PVC vloeren is known for their excellent floors. It sells products of high quality brands. The company offers a complete package when you buy a PVC floor. They have an installation service and will measure, even out and finish the floor, if you like that. This company is led by Ruud and his team of professionals. They’re are able to break down to existing floor and install a complete new one as well. Like that ain’t enough, the team of Frie-Style PVC vloeren also does stair renovation.

Professional team available for your questions
Perhaps you want to lay your own floor. Don’t be afraid to ask your questions to Ruud and his team. They like to help you with everything. Having a contact point makes it much easier to make a success of this project! Ruud is a true specialist in the floor industry. He has been working as an upholsterer for fifteen years, and still does this work with passion

Broad range of high quality floors
Of course you can find other type of floors in the showroom of Frie-Style PVC vloeren as well. It has a broad range of high quality floors, including carpet, vinyl, marmoleum and plinths. Ruud and his team undertake a thorough research before they install your floor. First they visit your home to examine the current state of your floor, to prevent unpleasant surprises. The team usually brings some flooring stamples with them. Enough reasons to choose Ruud and his team, you would say!

Take the time to pick the perfect floor
Frie-Style PVC vloeren is always open by appointment and outside opening hours. It’s even possible to visit the showroom on Sunday and in the evening hours. So take all the time you need to choose the perfect floor for your home. Floors are an important part of your house, so do not hurry!

Opening hours
The showroom of Frie-Style PVC vloeren can be found at the Brussellaan 2G in the city of Eindhoven. It’s located opposite Anac Carwash. You’re welcome from Tuesday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. At Saturday the doors are open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
How to make an appointment outside the opening hours?
Perhaps you’re not able to visit the showroom on these days. In that case you should make an appointment outside the opening hours or on Sunday. Make a call to 040-2987689 within the opening hours or to 06-21715663 outside the opening hours. You can also contact Ruud and his team by using the contact form on the website of Frie-Style PVC vloeren.

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